Every day, adolescent girls worldwide face significant risks.

In humanitarian contexts these risks are multiplied and exacerbated, further aggravating existing gender inequalities.

There's a Gap

Over the last decade, sport has increasingly been used as a tool for empowering youth in developing countries, including in humanitarian settings. Women Win has noticed a significant gap in the tools, frameworks and approaches available at the intersection of sport programming, girls’ rights and humanitarian contexts. To close this gap, Women Win has supported the creation of Girls in Motion, a collaborative exploration of how local communities in humanitarian settings can foster gender-transformative environments, with adolescent girls in the lead, through sport

Specifically, our aim is to:

  • Facilitate community and girl-led design and implementation of sport programmes for adolescent girls through the exploration of important questions and issues at the intersection of sport and gender in humanitarian settings

  • Support a movement for gender transformative communities and girls’ rights through sport in humanitarian and fragile settings

Girls in Motion Playbook

A Practical Guide for Girls' Sport Programming in Humanitarian Settings

The Girls in Motion playbook seeks to support organisations and practitioners to design, develop and deliver adolescent girl-centred sport programmes in humanitarian settings everywhere.  

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Section 1

Why Girls, Why Sport, Why Humanitarian Settings?

Sport can be a strong programming strategy in humanitarian settings and can offer great relief to people in crisis, but designing for adolescent girls and young women is absolutely necessary in order to achieve desired outcomes. Women Win recognises the need for more gender-sensitive and age-appropriate programming within its field of sport and life skills programming and the tools necessary to design these programmes with intention.

Section 2

Key Principles

This section explores the key principles we need to adhere to when designing sport programmes for adolescent girls in humanitarian contexts.

Section 3

Sport Programming in Humanitarian Designs

This section walks you through a girl-centered design process so you and your team can begin to develop ideas, implement them and measure and learn.

Section 4

Sport and Key Themes for Girls in Humanitarian Settings

This section provides you with information and resources on how sport programming can address different issues in humanitarian settings: ● Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) ● Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) ● Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), ● Economic Empowerment (EE)/Livelihoods


Download annexes, which provide you with templates, activities and approaches to implementing the Girls in Motion Playbook.

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