About this course

The COVID-19 pandemic will not only be a public health crisis, but also an economic and social crisis in countries all across the world. The impacts that this virus will have on our sector, our organisations, and the communities we work with are unprecedented. Resilience will be critical in the near future and coming years to overcome this crisis and organisations will have to reinvent themselves to be sustainable and viable. Therefore, Women Win has developed this Organisational Resilience course to support organisations in their response to the global health and financial crisis. You will find different modules, and associated tools, to help you address your challenges whether they are strategic, financial, related to your programmes or resource mobilisation efforts.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Women Win's Organisational Resilience course!

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Step #1: Strategy

    • Scenario Planning

    • Scenario planning - template to download

  • 3

    Step #2: Financial

    • Welcome to the Financial Sustainability learning block

    • Introduction to the webinar. Duration 8:36 minutes

    • First Financial Indicator: Defensive Interval. Duration: 12:36 minutes

    • Second Financial Indicator: Reserve Fund. Duration: 3 minutes

    • Third Financial Indicator: Cash / Liquidity Ratio. Duration: 7:26 minutes

    • Forecasting and Scenario Planning. Duration 8:24 minutes

    • Conclusions and Q&A. Duration: 20 minutes

    • Technical tutorial and Financial Assessment Tool. Duration 16:21 minutes

    • Feedback

  • 4

    Step #3: Programmatic

    • Scenario Planning - Programmatic Partners Toolkit

    • Scenario Planning - Programmatic - Downloadable slides

  • 5

    Step #4: Resource mobilisation

    • Resource Mobilisation toolkit

    • Resource Mobilisation Tool - template to download