About this course

In highly volatile and uncertain times, organisations need to strengthen their resilience in order to cope effectively with sudden disruptions and incremental changes. Resilience will be critical in the coming years as organisations try to adapt and survive in an evolving global market, and to respond to short term shocks. Organisations will have to reinvent themselves in order to be become sustainable and viable. Therefore, Women Win has developed this Organisational Resilience course to support organisations in responding to unexpected events and to strengthen their ability to turn crises into a source of strategic opportunity. You will find different modules, and associated tools, to support you in addressing your challenges whether they are strategic, financial, programmatic or related to resource mobilisation. Women Win will be updating this course on a regular basis so stay tuned for more tools!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Women Win's Organisational Resilience course!

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Step #1: Strategy

    • SCENARIO PLANNING - toolkit

    • SCENARIO PLANNING - templates


    • LONG TERM STRATEGIC PLAN - downloadable slides

    • LONG TERM STRATEGIC PLAN - templates


  • 3

    Step #2: Financial

    • Welcome to the Financial Sustainability learning block

    • Introduction to the webinar. Duration 8:36 minutes

    • First Financial Indicator: Defensive Interval. Duration: 12:36 minutes

    • Second Financial Indicator: Reserve Fund. Duration: 3 minutes

    • Third Financial Indicator: Cash / Liquidity Ratio. Duration: 7:26 minutes

    • Forecasting and Scenario Planning. Duration 8:24 minutes

    • Conclusions and Q&A. Duration: 20 minutes

    • Technical tutorial and Financial Assessment Tool. Duration 16:21 minutes

    • Feedback

  • 4

    Step #3: Programmatic

    • Scenario Planning - Programmatic Partners Toolkit

    • Scenario Planning - Programmatic - Downloadable slides

  • 5

    Step #4: Resource mobilisation

    • How to create a resource mobilisation strategy - toolkit

    • How to create a resource mobilisation strategy - downloadable slides

    • How to create a resource mobilisation strategy - templates

    • How to conduct risk mapping related to your resource mobilisation strategy - toolkit

    • How to conduct risk mapping related to your resource mobilisation strategy- templates